«Association  of  Engineers  for  microcontamination  control»  (ASENMCO)
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Association of Engineers for Microcontamination Control (ASENMCO) is the All-Russia Public Society. It was founded in 1991 by group of specialists of Clean Technology and quickly gathered professionals and companies that were active in this field.

ASENMCO is a non-commercial Society. Its main goal is to support knowledge exchange and modern technologies.

For this ASENMCO works on following directions:

ASENMCO is a member of ICCCS – International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies, since 1992.

The Board of ASENMCO is been holding twice a year and takes decisions on the whole work. President of ASENMCO is the Chair of Board and acts on behalf of Board between Board meetings.

Dr. Alexander Fedotov is the President of ASENMCO.

Executive Director works on full time basis and arranges current work of ASENMCO.

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